TerraStar Energy is a USA-based developer, equipment supplier, manufacturer and operator of waste-to-energy (W2E) power plants. 

Utilizing waste that is generated everyday as a fuel source for base-load power makes more sense than using fossil fuels; landfill waste is practically eliminated while green-house gas emissions are drastically reduced.

Our Philosophy

TerraStar Energy is positioned to provide a mass-market approach to distributed energy production. We have designed and are constructing modules using different W2E technologies, which can be “ganged” together to meet virtually any demand requirement  from less than 100kW up to 100MW and greater, while eliminating hundreds of tons of waste per day at every site we operate.

  • We believe that the world is in peril due to the conflicting issues of increasing energy demand and spiraling environmental pollution.
  • We believe that the sooner W2E power plants can be used to offset fossil fuels, the better off we all will be.
  • We believe the best and fastest way to do this is to partner with others; they provide the "boots on the ground" and local insight, while we provide the guidance, back-up support and infrastructure.
  • We believe that sharing the ownership and profit from each facility is the best way to assure common commitment to our goals while improving the local economies, which in turn will increase the demand for energy and our supply of “fuel”.

“Our solutions are good for each locality and good for the planet Earth.” – Rob Redfearn, CEO

A new paradigm: Distributed versus centralized energy production.

“Technological innovation in all aspects of energy storage and distribution has prepared the way for a paradigm shift away from the historic centralized energy production model.”

The logical extension of this is for entrepreneurs around the globe to produce and sell energy in their own communities, connected to “the grid” or in individual micro-grids and even to individual energy consumers.

To this end, our plan is to work with Partner-Developers (P-D’s) in individual markets and on individual projects, providing the needed technical, engineering, marketing, financial, legal, environmental and management expertise from our team of specialists.

Helping locally, thinking globally.

Our P-D’s include individuals and local governments with whom we consult directly to determine the most appropriate deployment of technologies given their particular situation, budget, waste supplies and energy requirements.

We provide recommendations that maximize the net return on a particular facility or group of facilities, assist with the permitting process, provide all the necessary engineering assistance and equipment.

We work with local labor to prepare the site, complete the construction and do the installation.

We provide training in the operation, management, service and maintenance of each facility and monitor the performance of each facility remotely to ensure optimal results.

Most importantly, we share the ownership and profits of the facility with our partners
For an evaluation of your specific project or for general  inquiries, contact TerraStar Energy at: info@terrastarenergy.com

TerraStar Energy provides systems that include:
Anaerobic Digestion
Biomass Boilers (Low-Pressure)

Primary advantages of modular W2E systems:

- Fast installation 
- Scalable from 100KW to 5MW and greater
- Adaptable to variety of feedstock 
- Factory made modules have high tolerances
- Additonal modules can be added over time

Providing solutions for:
Agricultural:  Biomass (Fuel) Crops
Livestock Waste (Manure)
Crop Waste

Municipal: Waste water sludge
Biomass recycling efforts
Municipal Solid Waste 

Commercial: Restaurant Waste
Grocery Waste
Waste Haulers

Industrial: Water treatment
Food processors
Wood Waste
Plastic waste
Rubber waste

Converting environmentally harmful waste to biogas, methane, electricity, liquid fuels, solid and liquid fertilizers.
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