Anaerobic Digesters
Thermal Gasification
Biomass Boilers

            United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Africa, Philippines

Solutions for nearly every type of waste .... converting waste to energy.
Zero Carbon Footprints. Zero Landfill Solutions. Energy 24 / 7 / 365

TerraStar Energy is based in the USA and has sales representation and projects in development in USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and the South Pacific.  We have assembled an outstanding, world-team of specialists in their fields to capitalize on this nascent but fast growing space.

We build turn-key systems for others and will work with major industry and municipalities to design/build/operate our own systems with power purchase and feedstock agreements in place.

Our company originally started developing projects using Anaerobic Digesters as the central technology, however, customer demand led us to search out and align ourselves with other technologies; thermal gasification, biomass boilers, biomass-to-diesel, plastics-to-diesel. Certain technologies are more appropriate for specific circumstances and often can be “stacked” in a single project to maximize the yield of energy and by-products and therefore revenue.

We utilize standardized components which are sized and combined for each specific application. This maximizes our flexibility and speed of installation while providing the lowest installed cost for any waste to energy system 
and combined heat and power generator sets (AD-CHPs).

Our component systems have been in continuous use in more than 200 installations across Asia, some for over 30 years. 

For a no-cost evaluation of your project, contact TerraStar Energy at:
Primary advantages:
- Fast installation
- Scalable from 100KW to 5MW and greater
- Adaptable to variety of feed stock 
- Affordable solutions
- Financing options available
- Joint ventures 
- No cost solutions with feedstock and off-take agreements 

Providing commercial solutions for:
Agricultural:  Biomass (Fuel) Crops
    Livestock Waste
Crop Waste

Municipal: Waste water sludge
    Biomass recycling efforts
Municipal Solid Waste 

Commercial: Restaurant Waste
Grocery Waste
Waste Haulers

Industrial: Water treatment
Food processors
Wood Waste
Plastic waste
Rubber waste

Converting environmentally harmful waste to biogas, methane, electricity, liquid fuels, solid and liquid fertilizers.
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